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btvs_complete's Journal

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Hello folks. This is the community where all the completed Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Angel fics will, hopefully, be posted. The main aim is for the writers to give notice of when a WIP they’re working on is finished though if anyone wants to recommend someone else’s finished fic they’re more than welcome to post here. I’ll try to keep up with the posts and sort them through tags/memories.

I’ll keep the rules to the most basic ones for now. Hopefully there won’t be a need to add to them,


  • The fic must obviously be in the BtVS/Angel universe. Crossovers are acceptable, so long as at least one of the main characters is from the BtVS/Angel universe.

  • Equally obviously, it must be completed. Under no circumstances should the fic be a WIP especially if it’s on hiatus! It doesn’t matter how amazing it is or how talented the writer is, it must be finished.

  • There must be at least 3 chapters to each fic OR at least 10 000 words.

  • The only exception to the rules is if it’s a sequel of a completed fic and the rec is for the completed fic. In that case the reccer may mention the second fic but should clearly warn for WIP.

  • Please note that this isn’t the place to post a fic, but to link to a fic posted elsewhere, whether it be livejournal, insanejournal or any other website. If there are alternate links, you may include all of them if you want.

Because the rules are so simple I will delete with no warning any posts that break them.

In the interests of non-clutter let’s not have a string of recs starting from the very beginning of the BtVS fandom, yeah? Keep it relatively recent, or if not recent, obscure. There are fics we’ve all read and repeating them here won’t really achieve anything.

Posting guidelines:

The post should at least contain the following data about the fic:

  • Title

  • Author

  • Pairing

  • Rating

  • Warnings

  • One or more links to the fiction. (Remember, this community isn’t to post fic, it’s to post links to the finished fic posted elsewhere.)

If you feel so inclined you could also add any of the following information in the post:

  • A short summary (it can be the author’s or yours)

  • If you’re not the author: the reason you’re reccing the fic. If you’re spoiling for the fic (because let’s face it, spoilers for the series are long gone) please put those behind an lj cut. Some people want to be surprised ::grin:: The same goes for comments. If you’ve read the fic and want to offer an opinion on it, please add the world “spoilers” to the subject of the comment.

If you think the community could be improved in any way please email me with suggestions. Just don’t ask me to open it to WIPs because, frankly, that would defeat the purpose!

On fic searches: They’re allowed but only if they concern a finished fic. The only requirement I will make is that if the fic is found, the post must be edited to include the fic information and if it’s discovered to be a WIP the post must be deleted.


RareBtVS, for the rare pairings of the Buffyverse

If you have a community or website that you want to affiliate with this one, please reply to this post